Why #ILoveAdoreMe!

Back in February Influenster sent me a code to get my first pair of lingerie from Adore Me free of charge! If you haven’t seen my post about Influenster check it out here: Influenster’s #XOVoxBox As I was scanning the site, looking for which set I would get, I stumbled upon the fact that Adore Me sells robes too, and FLEECE ones at that! I reside in NYC and this past winter was harsh and extremely cold and dry. When I saw the fleece robe I HAD to have it and opted to pick one of those over a pair of lingerie. My robe is called the Aliza robe as pictured above: Adore Me’s Aliza Robe . It’s all fleece inside and out and features both a hood and two pockets. I was too attached to this robe this past winter and as long as it stayed cold (which was too long). It kept…

Influenster’s #XOVoxBox

I recently received a #XoVoxBox from Influenster complimentary to test out the products and was so excited to see what was included in the Voxbox! Before I begin about the Voxbox let me tell you a bit about Influenster. Influenster.com is a cool site that anyone can join. The purpose is to use your social media influence to get word out about the products in your Voxbox. There are also product reviews on the website itself. So basically you share what you know about products and eventually get the opportunity to test out products and let people know your experience with them. I absolutely love the concept of Influenster! Shout out to Joanna from http://www.joannae.com for letting me know about it. Okay, now on to the products. This Voxbox was a pretty large one. I received a pack of Tide Pods with Febreze, Skinfix Hand Repair Cream, Colgate Optic White Tooth…