Resourcefully Spiffy: Fall Outfit Ideas for Less

As I mentioned in a previous post when it comes to fashion for me, frugal is the way to be! (Yes, that rhymes!) Being spiffy does not have to burn a hole in your pocket! I recently did a bit of Fall shopping and I wanted to let you know of some ways to get already “affordable” mass market fashion for even less. If nothing else, shop around and don’t buy ANYTHING at full price. Finding an affordable yet trendy clothing store in your area will be your saving grace. In NYC Pretty Girl is a store that sells affordable unknown brands that still follow the fashion trend aesthetic of the moment. This can be a hit or miss because a lot of the clothes that they sell aren’t necessarily appealing BUT this is one of those stores that you should just check periodically to see what new items have popped up…

My First Zumba Class of 2015 with Fit4DanceNYC.com

I’ve been on a #healthkick this year… well sorta kinda lol. If you check ou  my YouTube channel you can see my videos referring to my fitness goals for the year! I wanted to talk about a Zumba class that I recently attended in hopes of staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle.  After reposting a funny but relevant meme on my Instagram a friend of mine and I decided we needed to attend a Zumba class. After searching for a bit my friend stumbled upon a Fit4Dance Groupon. We checked out the website and noticed that your first class is free if you sign up for the mailing list! We were sold! Fit4Dance has multiple classes weekly at different locations throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. We decided to attend the Saturday morning class in Brooklyn… while it was a struggle to wake up and leave my house early on a Saturday,…