how to apply individual lashes


DIY Eyelash Extensions – How to Apply Individual Lashes

Want DIY Lash Extensions?! Truth is DIY eyelash extensions are not exactly eyelash extensions at all. Eyelash extensions are just that–hair that is attached to an eyelash that extends the length of the lash. Applying eyelash extensions is not a process one can do on one’s own eyes because it is a much more tedious and intricate procedure than applying individual lashes–and trust me, applying individual lashes is pretty tedious. With that being said, applying individual lashes gives a very similar look for a fraction of the cost, and I’m all about saving greenbacks. I’n not a strip lash girl by any means. I can recall one, yes one time when applying strip lashes was mistake free for me and that was three years ago. I’ve  been wanting to have the longer lash look recently and was motivated to find the best way to get semi-permanent lashes for the best price possible. Individual lashes…