fleece hooded robes


Why #ILoveAdoreMe!

Back in February Influenster sent me a code to get my first pair of lingerie from Adore Me free of charge! If you haven’t seen my post about Influenster check it out here: Influenster’s #XOVoxBox As I was scanning the site, looking for which set I would get, I stumbled upon the fact that Adore Me sells robes too, and FLEECE ones at that! I reside in NYC and this past winter was harsh and extremely cold and dry. When I saw the fleece robe I HAD to have it and opted to pick one of those over a pair of lingerie. My robe is called the Aliza robe as pictured above: Adore Me’s Aliza Robe . It’s all fleece inside and out and features both a hood and two pockets. I was too attached to this robe this past winter and as long as it stayed cold (which was too long). It kept…