I’m a big cheapskate. So much so that I find normal thrifting expensive LOL.

No, but seriously. Thrifting can get pretty pricey if you go to the wrong shops. So, if you’re as Frugal Frannie like myself I’d like to talk about the best thrift store in NYC: the Goodwill Outlet.

I was first introduced to the Goodwill Outlet a little over three years ago. The one I went to is in Long Island City a few of blocks away from the 7 train’s 33rd street station.

Here’s what you should know before going to the Goodwill Outlet:

  1. This is NOT your average thrift store.
    The clothes aren’t hanging and arranged by style, gender, etc. Instead they’re in huge bins that you’ll have to search through–almost as if you’re digging for treasure. While this can get a little frustrating I tend to just take my time. Sometimes the good stuff is at the very top of the pile right after someone else rummaged through it and failed to see the great pieces right in front of them.

  2. You pay for clothes by the pound.
    This was music to my ears when my sister first introduced me to the Goodwill Outlet. Depending on how many clothes you purchase they will run you $1.69 a pound or LESS. This makes thrifting at the Goodwill Outlet more than worth it. Usually the tags with the original Goodwill price are still on the clothing so you get to see just how much money you’re saving by going to the outlet.

  3. When the employees are about to bring out more bins they make you line up and wait on the side.
    It’s almost as if you’re in a line for free food or about to start a race. Every time I’ve been there the employees reiterate to the crowd “DO NOT RUN!” Yet, as soon as they allow us to look through the new clothes the shoppers tend to act like they’re in Supermarket Sweep and run like they never heard the employees.

  4. The other people shopping CAN be a little aggressive.
    Not only do they run but they tend to pick up EVERYTHING in sight. There may be people there that don’t give the clothes a second glance but pick up everything and may run you over in the process. It’s completely unnecessary as there are SO MANY bins with so many clothes in them.Check out just how worth it the Goodwill Outlet is by watching my Try-on Haul:

    Where’s your favorite place to go thrifting? What makes it stand out to you?