Back in May I took a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico with some girlfriends and stayed at La Concha Renaissance Resort in area of Condado in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Prior to the trip I was always looking at reviews that people posted on Trip Advisor and to get an idea of what it would be like as I’m someone who obsesses about vacation until it happens.

La Concha Resort did indeed live up to my expectations in many ways. Not only was our suite great, complete with a kitchenette (microwave, electronic stove, refrigerator, dishes and utensils), balcony, living room, dining area and more but the resort was beautiful and spacious.

Check out my vlog to see what my stay was like:

The area of Condado isn’t glamorous in my opinion but does have a lot to offer. For one, many restaurants, a Walgreens and a CVS and it is fairly close to both Old San Juan and the airport. There’s a lot to see in just walking distance and getting a cab from La Concha is not an issue at all.

My favorite things about the resort are the private beach and the many swimming pools and the fact that they NEVER closed. Some nights/ early mornings we would just head to the beach and/or  pool and jacuzzi just to relax. Also the food by the  pool is super delicious and comparable to NYC prices so if you don’t want to go out for food you really don’t have to.

All in all I will return to Puerto Rico one day and try to see more of it!

Have you been to Puerto Rico? Where did you stay?


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  1. Good to know! I’ve never been. Maybe I should go with my sister. She doesn’t have a passport n it looks fun.

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