I recently attended a showing of “Living on Love” on Broadway at the Longacre Theater in NYC. I wasn’t sure what to expect but a few things stood out for me that made the performance enjoyable: the set, the Maestro, and the Italian.

As a student of Italian in high school, college, and Italy itself I was pleasantly surprised to hear the call for the commencement of the show in “italiangish”. As the play went on and the Maestro and Diva kept making jokes and asides in Italian I chuckled and smirked as I understood all of the crude humor. I did have to wonder though how the play translated to people who understood no Italian at all. My friend who has little to no exposure to the Italian language didn’t get the side jokes in Italian but did still enjoy the show.

The set is beautiful and one can tell a lot of time was spent on it because the attention to detail in within the set is undeniable. It really is apart of the storytelling that occurs in the play and it was truly wonderful to behold.

Maestro, one of the main characters of the play, was beyond entertaining. In my opinion he was the best actor on stage that night. The cast did do a good job altogether but I feel that the actor who portrayed Maestro (Douglas Sills) truly embodied this character and did an excellent job in his portrayal. You will get a legitimate portrayal of a “macho” Italian native from him, one who is privileged and full of himself. His Italian was great as well. Funnily enough after the show my friend and I grabbed dinner at the Brooklyn Diner and when we told our waiter what we just saw the first thing he did was praise Douglas Sills, I could do nothing but agree with him.

I do feel the play is worth seeing if you want to be entertained with a good laugh. If you know Italian I think it would be even more enjoyable for you. Also, a peek at that set and I know you’ll agree with me.

A huge thanks to Joanna from http://www.joannae.com for making this possible for me!

Have you seen any Broadway shows recently?



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      Thanks so much.. Mad I forgot to shout you out.. about to do that now lol but no Maestro isn’t one of the butlers.. I get why your coworkers felt that way though, they were pretty funny too!

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