I’ve been on a #healthkick this year… well sorta kinda lol. If you check ou  my YouTube channel you can see my videos referring to my fitness goals for the year! I wanted to talk about a Zumba class that I recently attended in hopes of staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle.  After reposting a funny but relevant meme on my Instagram a friend of mine and I decided we needed to attend a Zumba class. After searching for a bit my friend stumbled upon a Fit4Dance Groupon. We checked out the website and noticed that your first class is free if you sign up for the mailing list! We were sold!

Fit4Dance has multiple classes weekly at different locations throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. We decided to attend the Saturday morning class in Brooklyn… while it was a struggle to wake up and leave my house early on a Saturday, it was definitely worth it! Laci (the instructor) was sweet and welcoming and the class felt like a judgement free zone. I was quite rusty as I’m definitely not a dancer and haven’t done Zumba since maybe last April… (DON’T JUDGE ME) lol

Laci explained that they do the same routine every week so the more that you come back the easier the routine will become for you. The routine isn’t necessarily difficult but since I didn’t know any of the moves beforehand I definitely didn’t master them.  Still I did get a full, good workout; I actually felt really great the rest of the day since I got my blood pumping so early! She played a plethora of songs including soca music, Latin music and even “Bang Bang” by Jessie J.

I had a really great time and am definitely glad I attended the class. I will attend the class again in the future.

If you’re in the NYC area check out http://fit4dancenyc.com and sign up for their mailing list to get your first Zumba class free! It’s worth it!



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      It was great dancing with you as well! Thanks for commenting I hope to see you soon too!

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